Jim Gee was born in San Jose, California in 1948. He was raised a devote Catholic and attended a seminary for 5 years, starting at the age of 14. He received his PhD in linguistics in 1975 from Stanford University. He has written and taught in a wide variety of areas, including syntactic theory, psycholinguistics, literary stylistics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, literacy studies, ASL linguistics, deaf education, learning theory, and digital media, with an emphasis on video games and learning.

He has taught and been tenured at six different colleges and held three endowed chairs. He is currently the Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor at Arizona State University. He loves nature and birding, and abhors the disrespect we humans have shown our world and each other.

Jim Gee writes poetry as the “spirit” moves him, not as an academic, but as an older human being who, like all old people, can see the face of death, the value of life, and the need to imagine and implement new and better worlds for all creatures, human and otherwise. For more information, visit his website.