Blobfish God

The Lion God is not the Aye-Aye God.
The Golden Tamarin God is not the Naked Mole Rat God.
The Whale God is not the Blobfish God.
The God who made the lion is not the God who made most of us.

Many mistakenly worship at the altar of the Lion God
Only to be found wanting.
The altar of the Blobfish God sits untended
Save by the wretched of the earth.

Christ said he was the “Son of God”,
But was He the son of the Lion God or the Blobfish God?
Since what He actually said was that He was “the Son of Man”,
His Father was certainly the Blobfish God.

Indeed, Christ said He had come to save
The lions, the Golden Tamarinds, the whales, and the beautiful people
So they too could enter heaven
With the aye-ayes, the mole rats, the blobfishes, and the rest of us.

They say God made us in His own image.
Some people look like the Lion God made them,
But most of us look like the Blobfish God made us,
So I say “Hasten to His altar”.

The Lion God is the God of the flawless.
He seeks perfection.
The Blobfish God is the God of flaws
He seeks the sublime.

When they wove their beautiful quilts
The old Puritans sought to evade competition with the Lion God
By always imposing an intentional imperfection.
In the act they were greatly pleasing in the eyes of the Blobfish God.

The Blobfish God is an artist who knows flaws are the foundation of life.
Flaws ruin things so they can become something new,
Something wiggling, jiggling, singing, broken, and alive,
Something that looks ever more sublime the more it faces death.

I will tell you a secret.
When the noble lion is finally old and scarred,
He achieves the sublime—like the blobfish, the aye-aye, and the naked mole rat—
And retreats to the altar of the Blobfish God.

There is only one God
And He is the Blobfish God.
We all eventually arrive at His alter to sacrifice our illusion
That the Lion God will save us.
Then truly we look on the divine face of the Blobfish God.