De Rerum Natura

A Western Grebe bobs gently on the sea
Then darts below
And breaks the surface with a small silver fish
Swallowed in a flash.

Casual death
Every moment of every day of every year
For billions of years
De Rerum Natura.

A cat pounces on a bird
That flutters and dies
As the cat enters the magic circle
Of play.

The torturer waterboards his foe
Who gasps and gasps for air
Inside the magic circle
Of pain.

An institutionalized child screams
While “an alternative asset management firm” fires caretakers
To raise stock prices
And make rich people richer.

A girl has acid thrown in her face
Because quite reasonably
She doesn’t want to marry a man
Who would throw acid in her face.

A toddler slips and falls
Through space
In the flash of a parent’s eye
And is murdered by gravity.

Good and bad people alike cry out for reasons
From an all-powerful all-knowing all-good God
Who, they say, tells them it’s all for good
And meant to be.

I don’t buy it
Because I don’t want to worship a God
Who would let acid destroy a young girl’s face.
Even if He had a good reason.

“Beware of false prophets
Who come to you in sheep’s clothing
But inwardly are ravenous wolves.
By their fruits you will know them”.