Drunks and Hippos

How do I live on wine,
When it doesn’t have enough protein?

Well maybe I am an angel
Drinking the nectar of the gods.

Or maybe I am a vampire
Drinking red wine in lieu of dark blood.

Maybe I need a twelve-step program to land somewhere in the middle,
Though if the middle is human, count me out.

I am less impressed by the sober than the drunk
The sober always get the knife in straight.

Some drunks kill and maim,
But much less than sober warmongers.

The drunks go to jail,
But the war mongers don’t.

Drunken parents tear families apart,
Greedy CEOs tear whole countries apart.

The drunks go to jail,
But the CEOs don’t—they get bailed out.

There are Mothers against Drunk Drivers
But there are no Mothers against Sober Greedy Strivers.

Animals don’t drink.
They are not embarrassed by their species.

Make no mistake; I am no good example of a human,
And I am not trying to be.

I plead guilty, ready to go to jail with no bail out,
My only regret is I wasn’t born a hippo.

Have you seen the picture of the big hippo mother using her nose to push her little baby hippo up,
So the baby hippo can take a deep breath before diving again?

If you agree we can all be hippos together,
I will never drink again, but only breathe and dive and breathe and dive again.