The river flows
Regardless of us
Heedless in its urge
To the sea.

We can join it for a while.
But it flows before us
And after us
And beyond us.

Unless we dam it
Or drink it dry
Or heat the earth
Until the river dies.

Why do humans
Seek to stop flow?
Is it greed
Or fear of mixing in the sea?

Why do we dam the flow?
And not let it break through?
Is it greed
Or fear of floods that obliterate boundaries?

In a river flowing to the sea
We would all bob along together
For awhile
And then disappear in the sea.

We have spread destruction throughout the sea.
Rivers flow into dead zones,
If they flow at all.
Many of us will walk down a dust-dry wash to our end.

They baptize us in water
And tell us we go from dust to dust,
When we were meant to come forth from a mother’s watery womb
And flow into the boundless sea.