Fly in the Bottle

Is there light
Out there?
But Wittgenstein told us that flying to the light is the wrong thing to do.
The fly in the fly-bottle must fly to the darkness to be free.

A fly-bottle uses sweets to entice a fly to fly in.
Once in, the fly sees light all around the bottle,
But only darkness at the opening at the top.
The only way out is to fly to the dark.

The fly is trapped because people hate the fly.
But what if you are trapped by people who love you instead
Though you are in fact no better than the fly?
What if the sweets that trapped you are what you love?

What if what kills you nourishes you?
What if Wittgenstein was wrong when he said death was not an event in life?
Perhaps death is part of every event in a life worth living?
What if freedom means not flying away?

Philosophy makes you wise.
It tells you truly that you must fly to the dark to be free.
But I think it tells you too the goal of life is not to be free,
But to choose to be bound by what you stand for.