From Dust to Dust

We sit in silence
Waiting in the dark
For the sun.

We sit on a dirt floor
In a crumbling hut
Empty save for us.

The first hint of dawn
Is just a quiver in the darkness
Framing the opening in the shattered wall.

Then suddenly there is a burst of bird song
Followed by a shallow light
Entering the room.

We chant an ancient song,
Accompanying the morning chorus
To welcome the dawn.

There are only two of us.
Man and woman,
Too blackened by the sun to tell apart.

We have honored the sun ritual
For as long as we can recall.
Starting when we were young.

We pray all night
And sleep in the open air
When the sun is up.

We each move slowly now
Gathering when we can
Nuts and berries and vines.

This is Eden at the end.
We are back where we began.
In a garden.

If the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Is still here,
It bears no fruit.

Who do we pray to at night?
Why do we always stay awake
Waiting for the sun?

The sun is the last god
We can remember.
It wrecked vengeance on our kind.

We died in many ways,
Some in flood, some in drought,
Some from famine, war, or disease.

Some sacrificed for others with love.
Some stole from others with greed.
All perished together.

Like the passenger pigeons and the magnificent bison before us,
Our vast numbers decreased
Faster than any of us could have conceived.

In the end we the hunters became the hunted,
Stalked by our former prey
And even by our former pets.

When we humans caused the greatest species kill off
Since time began,
We went before the swine.

Scorched now by the sun we worship
We last ones will soon go to dust
And end the human race.