Grim Fandango

The cake is a lie,
Solid Snake will never die,
Lara will tomb raid forever,
Gordon will always have a Half-Life.
And Manny will come for me
When it’s my time
For a Grim Fandango.

All places I have been
Before my Grim Fandango.

I’ve gone on a Journey
Come From Dust
Been in System Shock
Made a Braid in time
Navigated Limbo
Sought a Lost Swan
All to evade my Grim Fandango.

With an Assassin’s Creed,
And a Dragon’s Dogma,
I answered my Call of Duty,
Beyond Good and Evil,
To pay for the Sins of a Solar Empire.
Such was my Fate
Before my Grim Fandango.

I used a Portal
With a Quantum Conundrum
And Mass Effect
To Warp
Through Dead Space
As Sly as any Time Bandit
To escape my Grim Fandango.

I played a Symphony of the Night
And sang Tales of Symphonia.
I played a flute to be a Wind Waker
And sang tales of Divine Divinity.
I played an Eternal Sonata
And sang a Brutal Legend
To silence my Grim Fandango.

All this to come to 65,
An old man
Hoping for a Deus Ex
To save me, salve me
From Dark Souls
And Bioshock
That seek to hasten my Grim Fandango.