It’ s a lie.
I forget.
I can only vaguely recall.

So many lies my brain is numb.
I can see just a glimpse.
But of what?
There are too many lies to remember.

Big lies, medium lies, little lies.
A Goldilocks of lies.
Some are just right.
Lulled to sleep by lies.

People lie to win.
People lie to keep others happy.
People lie to survive.
People lie to help and to harm.

We bathe in lies.
The media lies.
The politicians lie.
We all lie.

Because we want power, sex, and money.
Because we want respect.
Because we want love.
Because we want to belong, not to be left alone.

Lies lubricate social life.
Lies negotiate the peace and start the wars.
Lies allow us to sleep at night.
In the morning, lies allow us to get up and go on.

We cannot stop lying and believing lies.
We are addicted to lies.
They keep the world at bay.
And lock us into the battered shelter of self-deception.

But what is there out there that frightens us so?
The indifferent universe.
And people in a zero sum game.
A game only one of us can win.
A cage fight to the end.

People claim to like us, to be our friend, even to love us.
But they just need warmth against the cold.
And we need a companion by the fire.
When the fire goes out we are alone again.

We seek.
We weep.
We wish.
We fail.

In desperation we come to the communal fire.
To whoop with the tribe.
To pump ourselves up for violence.
Against the others who otherwise we would love.

We are frail beasts.
Evolved from creatures that ate or got eaten.
We awoke with consciousness one day and pain became suffering.
Then we all desperately sought a lie that would make everything all right.