When wisdom runs dry,
Cataracts cover our eyes
And the world grows dark.
The blind lead the sighted,
And claim to be seers.

Lucifer is the opposite of God.
Lucifer is Light.
God must then be Darkness.
In the beginning,
Darkness defeated the Light.

We were born in a Garden,
Banned from the Tree of Knowledge,
Lest eating its fruit,
The world grow bright
And the cataracts fall from our eyes.

We ate the fruit,
Saw and despaired,
Covered our eyes,
Cowered in fear,
And begged for Darkness again.

The snake in the Garden,
Angel of Light,
Was cursed along with us
And expelled
Into the natural world.

What is it we saw,
When we listened to the snake
And ate the fruit,
That so scared and scarred us?
What did we see in the light?

There is a Devil.
His name is Man.
Lucifer is Light that frightens us
God is Darkness that comforts us,
Though in reality we live in Twilight.

What we saw in the light:
We are abandoned animals,
Left to the Red Claws of Nature
And the Cold Whims of Chance,
Left to choose nonetheless.