She: Push, push, push!
He: It will not move.
She: We are strong.
He: We are weary.
She: It’s somewhere to go.

He: This is the end.
There is nowhere to go.
We are hunted behind
And blocked ahead.

She: Push, push, push again!

The boulder moves…

She: We are in!
He: It is so so dark in here!

They walk in blackness,
Black as blinding light.
They walk in silence.
Two giant owls fly above them silently unseen.

She: We are in a cave’s throat.
He: Walking to its womb.

At last
A dim light
In the distance.

The male eagle owl calls HOO-HOOO.
The female owl calls hoo-hoooo.
But they sound like one:
HOO-hoo, HOOO-hoooo

And they arrive
At the light
To see drawings
Move on a wall.

It’s a hunt.
Dangerous animals dance in the flickers,
Pursued by stick figures
Keen to kill and to worship.

She: We are here.
He: Where? Where? Where?
She: We are the hunted and this is their hunt.
He: Do the Savannah People want to worship us with their far-flung spears?

She: We had images too
He: Older than theirs.
She: Our hands are on the walls
He: Of time.

She: This is the place to wait.
He: They will come.
She: They will kill us at their altar.
He: We are the last of us,
The last of the People of the Cold.

She sat silently.
Tears dropping from her eyes.
She remembered when they had taken her
And had their way.

A child was born
Something in between
The Savannah People named her “Less than Us”
And drove her mother away.

But before she was cast off
She had snuck in
To name her daughter her people’s way:
HOO-hoo, HOOO-hoooo.

She knew that the two of them would not be the last,
The People of the Cold would live on inside their foe,
Inside the people who kill at altars,
Altars that echo HOO-hoo, HOOO-hoooo.